Mission Statement:

    Honestly & honorably living out the word of God!

  Oneness of Spirit & Lord & baptism to a single end!

  Meekness, but not weakness in ministry!

  Expository preaching to meet the needs of today!

  Spirit led so that we do not flounder in doctrine!

  Purposeful in evangelism and discipleship!

  Unity in fellowship for all purposes!

  No one gets the glory except Jesus Christ our Lord!


Available Ministries To Our community

"The Lord's Table" is a Biblical perspective on weight management.

"GriefShare" is a Christ centered Group for those who have lost loved ones.

"Chance For Change" is a Biblical approach to the addictions of gambling.

"Better Than Wine" is a Christ centered approach to all addictions.

(Please call for dates, times and locations)


Remember, Normalcy often finds itself within ministry

to those who are searching for their new normal!

If you have already found yours, come learn how to help some one else!


Secular Training That Is Also Available To Our community

"CERT" (Community Emergency Response Training) is a FEMA designed program for community members to be disaster prepared.

CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) is a program designed by Dr. Jeffrey T. Mitchell & Dr. George S. Everly Jr. to meet the needs of those who have experienced a traumatic event and may need assistance.

(Please call for dates, times and locations)



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